Sales Process

This section gives an explanation on what needs to be done prior to creating Sales Orders through mSales and how the entire Sales Process Works;

Steps ⇒
  1. Click the SalesPeople menu item.
  2. Anyone who is a sales person (mSales mobile app user) should be listed here as a Sales Person.
  3. The Sales Person should log in to mSalesApp to schedule their visits.
  4. Click on the route menu item. You can add customers to visit for the week.
  5. Click on the Calendar menu item to add predefined routes for the week to be visited.
  6. Now you can log in to mSales mobile app and create orders.
  7. On the mSales web app, you can go to Sales History and find the created orders.
  8. You can click on the order to process it. Invoice will be generated once the order is processed.
  9. Go back to the Data Sync screen.
  10. You can click Send Invoices to send the invoices to Xero.
  11. If you do payments in Xero or change invoices, you can click Get Invoices to synchronize the Invoices back to mSalesApp.
  12. Reps can then view these invoices in the invoice history tab under a specific customer and collect outstanding payments.