Creating a new customer

  1. To create a new customer in mSales, you will first have to look for the 'Customers' option on the menu bar.
  2. Once you enter the Customers page you can click on the 'Create' button located next to the search bar as shown below;
  3. After selecting the Create option, you will be prompted to fill in the new customer details as shown in the screen below;

    The * symbol will indicate mandatory fields that will need to be completed in order to save the details.
  4. After entering all the customer data, you can then proceed to save this information by clicking on the 'SAVE' button found on on top of the Customer details section.

    If your details were successfully saved, you will receive a 'Saved Successfully' message on top of the customer details section.

    If you do not receive this message you may have to check if you have entered the details correctly and in their respective fields.