Whether you are a big company or you are just starting a business, we have the right plan for you. Find below the pricing details, and take your sales force to the next level.

Flexibility that suits your business

We offer flexible plans to suit your company’s needs, starting at AU$ 299 per month. Take advantage of our trial period, and get 14 days to discover for free the benefits of mSalesApp.

All prices in AUD

1 Free Month
Trial Period
App & Backend Features
CRM/ERP integration*
Lead generation
(Via Google - location-based)**



Not Included

14 days

Full Option


Monthly contract


10 Leads Monthly


$ 2189

Save $299


14 days

Full Option


Annual contract


12 Leads Monthly

100% customized to your needs


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Full option + Customizable





* Currently, mSalesApp can automatically be integrated with Xero and QuickBooks. We can also customize it to be integrated to Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and NetSuite.

** These limits apply only for the leads that are generated via Google based on the sales reps location. Every extra 10 leads will be charged at $2. Apart from it, sales reps can add unlimited manual leads per month.

*** mOrderApp is not included in these pricing plans. To add it, please get in touch with our team.

* All prices are in AUD and include GST. mSalesApp reserves the right to change pricing at any time

When using mOrderApp, you'll pay according to the monthly amount of transactions that your customers place through the app. A fee of 0.90 will be charged per order with a minimum fee of $99 a month, whichever is the highest.

These fees are based on an estimation of the use of the app, but they can be discussed according to the company's needs. Besides, further discounts can be made when customers place +300 orders a month.

Enterprise plan - 100% customized to your needs

If your company needs advanced features, a larger number of users, or has any specific requirements, we can create a customized plan that will meet your needs.

Our team of specialists will guide you through some questions to identify the best option for you. We can integrate with any ERP, Accounting Software, or other apps that your enterprise may be using. Just check our contact details get in touch with us and we will fix it for you.

Our team is here to help

With mSalesApp, get access to more features that will help your sales force to work better.

Not sure about the plans? Do you have questions regarding the integration with your ERP or Accounting software? We invite you to check the resources section to find more information about mSalesApp. Additionally, our friendly team is always available to help.

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If you require further assistance to start using mSalesApp, we work with local partners that can guide you during this process. They can help you with the addition of separated modules, or even with start-to-finish configurations. They will make the magic happen for you, so you can focus on your business. Check out more in our partners page.

Transform your business by accessing all the benefits of mSalesApp

Register to mSalesApp and gain instant access to all the benefits of this all-in-one app

Full Option

When you subscribe to mSalesApp you receive all of the features to make your sales team their best. We provide all we have and you choose which ones to use.

No Limits

We don’t limit your growth! So therefore with mSalesApp there is no limits for the number of customers you can serve and amount of transactions you can process, just be your best!

Application Updates

Receive free regular updates to keep enhancing your possibilities. Our updates include functional enhancements, improvement and fixes to ensure safety and improved efficiency.

Anywhere, Anytime

With our superior cloud and mobile technology combination, you can get your Reps to work anywhere and anytime. This includes offline functionality when you don’t have internet access.

Technical Support

The mSalesApp support team strives to enable you to be your best. We have a dedicated team of knowledgeable and passionate individuals ready to get back all your technical queries.

Global Partners

We have a growing network of global partners who are committed to support your growth by ensuring that mSalesApp is implemented right the first time and provide you the first level support.

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