• Would you like to provide your customers with the option to manage their own orders from an app & give them the flexibility to order anytime, anywhere?
  • Are you looking forward to expanding your market but you don't have enough sales reps to cover the new areas?
  • Are you struggling to visit your customers due to lockdown restrictions?

Get to know mOrderApp, the business portal to showcase your products & take orders from your customers 100% online.

With mOrder app, anyone can buy. You can set & customize your own B2B site, allowing your clients to create and schedule their orders online. They can simply log-in and access a complete range of e-catalogues with promotions, pantry list, favourite products & more. This way you can reach new customers and offer your products widely, and more people can have access to your offer, in spite of their location.

Main features of mOrder App

Complete e-catalogues

Show all your products and group them into categories to make the choice easier for your customers.

Fast order taking

Clients can easily manage returns, replenish stocks and upload orders from the app.

Mobile app

mOrder App can be accessed from any desktop, table or mobile.

Custom pricing

Create multiple pricing groups, Customer specific pricing, Tailor catalogues, Discounts and group or Customer specific promotions.

Promotions & discounts

Showcase different types of promotions to increase your order size.

App Updates

Receive free regular updates to keep enhancing your possibilities.

mSalesApp & mOrder App,
flexibility to empower your business

With mSalesApp you can provide your sales reps with all the information they need to complete their sales better and faster, from their tablets or mobiles. However, we know that it is not always possible and some clients demand to be able to charge their order online, anytime, anywhere.

This is why we created mOrder App. By connecting mSalesApp and mOrder App, you can choose the best way to have your orders uploaded, fitting all clients' expectations.

With mSalesApp, anyone can sell. With mOrder App, anyone can buy!


When using mOrderApp, you'll pay according to the monthly amount of transactions that your customers place through the app. A fee of 0.90 will be charged per order with a minimum fee of $99 a month, whichever is the highest.

These fees are based on an estimation of the use of the app, but they can be discussed according to the company's needs. Besides, further discounts can be made when customers place +300 orders a month.

Contact us and our team will be happy to assist you and guide you through our flexible plans.

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