mSales App integrates with Xero to seamlessly automate your Sales Process without manual intervention.

    Customers and Products from Xero can be imported in to mSales App.

    When you generate an invoice for a Sales Order in mSales App, it is sent to Xero and posted against the customer's Account. The payments received via mSales App can be posted against the Customer Account.

    Payments can be received directly in Xero too.

    Getting Started

    Lets use this help guide to get a clear picture of the basic requirements and online help guide to better understand the functions and features of Peercore mSales App.

    System requirements

    mSales App browser and mobile application has following minimum system requirements:

    Browser Application

    latest versions of Chrome,Firefox or Microsoft Edge

    Mobile Application

    Android version - Android 5.0 and above

    Recommended resolution - 800 x 1280 (minimum screen resolution)

    Screen size - more than 8 inch

    Memory space - Minimum 2 GB

    Create Customers in mSales Web App

    • To create a new customer in mSales App, you will first have to look for the 'Customers' option on the menu bar.
    • Once you enter the Customers page you can click on the 'Create' button located next to the search bar as shown below;

    • After selecting the Create option, you will be prompted to fill in the new customer details as shown in the screen below;

      The '*' symbol will indicate mandatory fields that will need to be completed in order to save the details.

    • After entering all the customer data, you can then proceed to save this information by clicking on the 'SAVE' button found on top of the Customer details section. br>

    If your details were successfully saved, you will receive a 'Saved Successfully' message on top of the customer details section.

    If you do not receive this message you may have to check if you have entered the details correctly and in their respective fields.

    Getting help

    The online help guide provides all the necessary information that the user needs to know in order to understand the mSales App mobile and web applications.

    Each topic has the help context in detail.

    Sales Process in mSales Web App

    This section gives an explanation on what needs to be done prior to creating Sales Orders through mSales App and how the entire Sales Process Works;

    Steps ⇒

    • Schedule Customer visits in mSales Web App.
    • Create Sales Order in mSales App.
    • Check the Sales History in mSales Web App for the Orders that were created.
    • Confirm the Order to proceed with Invoice Generation.

    Schedule Customer Visits

    The Customer Routes can be planned for a week in mSales Web App.

    • To access the Route Planner page, click on the 'Route Planner' button on the menu.

    • As shown above click on 'Add Visit' button located at the top of the screen.
    • Specify the name which will finally get saved under My Routes as indicated below;

      To select an existing customer, click on the 'search' button which will display the list of your customers as shown below;

    • Select the required Customer name to pay them a visit and select the day from the below drop down list.
    • To add the scheduled visit, Click on the 'OK' button.

    • After reviewing the Route Plan for the customer click on the 'Save' button at the top of the screen as shown below.

    • Update the Calendar

      The Customer Visits can be scheduled from field Sales -> Calendar in mSales Web App.

    The Customer visits can be added for a maximum of one week. The time slots can be dragged and dropped for a specified time frame.

    The system is designed to support customers in different time zones.

    Now you can log into mSales mobile app and create orders for the Customers. This process can be viewed from this link Creating an Order

    Delivery Process and Invoice Generation

    Steps involved in the delivery process.

    Steps for Invoice Generation⇒

    • First you will need to click on the 'Sales History' item located on the menu.

    • Select the order to which you want to generate an invoice. This will take you to the View Sales Order screen.
      The below screen provides an Overview of the Order #94.

      Click on Print Order button to view and print the above order #94.

    • Now you will need to select the 'Delivery' tab from the 3 tab at the top of the screen as show below;

    • Tick the box that says 'Ready to Deliver' which will give you the option of clicking the 'Set Quantities for Completion' button or manually enter the quantities delivered.

    • Click the 'Set Quantities for Completion' button.

    • After entering all the quantity details tick the box that says 'Quantities Entered'.

    • Finally review the details carefully before clicking the 'Confirm' button.

    • Click on the 'Payments' tab to view your newly generated Invoice.

      For partial delivery, if the quantity delivered is less than ordered, you will get the option to create a BackOrder.

      Now you can go to Data Sync and send the invoice to Xero.

    mSales App Login Page

    How to log in to mSales application

    At first, potential users need to request user accounts to mSales App.

    After your account is registered, you can log in the application as follows.

    Steps ⇒

    1. Enter the Username and the Password

    2. Tap on 'Login' to Login to the Application

    Remember Me - When opted for, will save you from entering the username and the password each time you login to the system. It will allow you to say logged in till you logout of the system.

    Main Menu Options

    Once the user has successfully logged into the mSales application, swipe to the right will get the Main Menu to appear on the screen.

    Tap to select a desired option.


    By clicking on the 'Dashboard' option on the menu,you will be provided with the graphical interface of the overall performance.

    At a glance the user can view the key performance indicators such a the rep sales, targets and many more.

    Your real time performance in terms of Today’s target, Monthly Target, Targets Achieved and Sales Made will be automatically updated and displayed on this screen.


    Select the ‘Customer’ option from the Main Menu to view your customer information.

    A list of all the customers who need to be visited on that particular day will be displayed.

    You could either scroll down the list OR use the Search function located on the top right side of the screen to find a particular customer.

    You will not be able to add a new customer. It will only allow you to edit an existing customer record and save this information.

    Customer Details

    When you select a customer on the list, all details pertaining to the particular customer will be displayed on the screen.

    To view the information for the selected customer, click on the icon. This will bring up the customer details. information.

    When viewing Customer detail it will also allow you to create an order, visit note & outstanding collection detail.

    Todays Orders

    The 'Today's Orders' page will display only the orders that are placed today.

    Double click on the invoice line and this will give the details of the selected invoice.


    The 'Stocks' page from the main menu option displays the stocks per product.

    A list of all the available items with stock levels will be displayed on swipe.

    Stock - Stock count of all the products.


    The 'Products' page from the main menu option displays the product categories and the products in each category.

    There is a feature in mSales App to add products to FAVOURITES, this will enable you to have quick access to the products for future orders.

    To view Product Information under a category, simply tap on a category. The product code, price, information icon and mark as favorite option will be given in the screen.

    It allows you to add product as favorite for quick access when ordering. The favorite products will be listed on top of the product list making product selection easy.

    Tap on the sign in a product which you want to mark as favourite.

    (When you tap on the product the star icon color will change to yellow )

    Creating an Order

    This process will list out the things to be done in order to create an order for a customer.

    Creating an order involves;

    • Customer Selection
    • Product Selection
    • Order Quantity
    • View Summary
    • Save Order

    Steps ⇒

    • Select the 'Customer' option from the main menu. A list of customers to be visited today will be given as shown below;

    • By selecting a particular customer from this list, you will see a brief description of that customers details much like this screen shot;

    • Click on the icon to proceed. Selecting the Cart icon will take you to the Category tab.
    • Select the Products from the available product categories.

    • Click on a Category. The Product list for the selected category will be displayed much like below;

      You can use the ‘QR Code’ to scan the product to be added . Or search for the product If you click on the information icon the product information will be displayed.

    • Add quantity for a product:
      a) Select the ‘+’ function (add button) located on top of the search bar. b) The quantity increment for each tap can be selected based on the predefined options.(1, 5, 15, 50) c) Tap on a Product to Add. Depending on the number of clicks on a product the quantity will be increased.

      Reduce quantity of a product:
      a) Select the ‘-’ function (subtract button) located above the search bar b) The quantity decrement for each tap can be selected based on the predefined options (1, 5, 15, 50). c) Tap on a Product to Remove.

    • newItem33.png
      This will display the Summary of the order with any discounts.
      The total value and weight of the selected products will be given in the header.

      At this stage you can select any item and change the quantity or delete.
      Use the ‘REMOVE’ button to delete a product from the order list or directly edit the quantity.
      After editing the order click the ‘UPDATE' button.

    • Click on the 'Save' bar at the bottom of the screen to save the details.
      You will then have to get the signature from the Customer.
      The signed page will look similar to the below screen;

      Click on 'SAVE' to confirm the Order.

      This will create the order with customer’s current location.
      Based on the sync status set, the application will sync with mSales Web App.

      To view your newly created order, click on the 'Visit Note' button at the bottom of the screen.

    Outstanding Collection Detail

    Using the icon in Customer Detail screen, you can record a payment for the selected customer against the pending Invoice/s.

    • Select ‘Cash’ or ‘Cheque’ in the ‘INVOICE SETTLEMENT’ section.
    • Enter the ‘Amount’.
    • Select an invoice/s from the ‘OUTSTANDING INVOICES’ section.
    • Click on the ‘Process Payment’ tab located at the bottom of the screen.
    • Click on 'MORE’ in INFO section to view the OUTSTANDING INFO.


    This allows you to view if the application is in Sync. This can be viewed by selecting the ‘SYNC’ option under Settings in the Main menu.

    Full Sync - All records will be retrieved and saved. You should use it when you Login first time into the system, when you log after clearing all your data or when there is a change in the master files(Ex.Product change).

    Partial Sync - Sales Rep's pending records such as orders and visit notes will be sent to the server. This function will be automatically triggered before full sync and Log out.


    mSales App Logout

    How to log out from mSales application

    You can logout from the application by selecting ‘Logout’ from the main menu.

    It will send all the pending transactions before logging out.

    Xero integration

    mSales App integrates seamlessly with Xero to give users an unparalleled experience.

    The next 2 sections explain how your data can be effectively mapped between Xero and mSales App.

    You should have products and customers already created in Xero before you attempt the following steps.

    If you don’t already have a business created on Xero, then go ahead and create one. Click here to check out how to set up your business on Xero.

    Data Mapping

    Data Mapping between Xero and mSales App

    The figure below provides an overall view of how the data mapping process takes place;

    Data Migration Process

    Xero Data Migration Process

    • Log in to mSales web app, and click the 'Data Sync' button on the menu.
    • Once you enter the Data Sync page, click on the 'Login to Xero' button located on top of the search bar as shown in the screen below;

    • After the above step, you will be redirected to Xero where you will be asked to login and grant access to mSales App.

    • Once you grant access, you will be directed back to mSales App and the Data Sync screen will look like this:

    • Click on the 'Get Customers' and the 'Get Products' button to import customers and products from Xero to mSales App.
    • Now you can click on 'Customers' and 'Products' menu items in mSales App and see the data retrieved from Xero.

    Sales Process

    • Click the SalesPeople menu item.
    • Anyone who is a sales person (mSales mobile app user) should be listed here as a Sales Person.
    • The Sales Person should log in to mSales App to schedule their visits.
    • Click on the Calendar menu item. You can add customers to visit for the week.
    • Now you can log in to mSales mobile app and create orders.
    • On the mSales web app, you can go to Sales History and find the created orders.
    • You can click on the order to process it. Invoice will be generated once the order is processed.
    • Go back to the Data Sync screen.
    • You can click Send Invoices to send the invoices to Xero.
    • If you do payments in Xero or change invoices, you can click Get Invoices to synchronize the Invoices back to mSales App.


When and how does data sync occur? Is it manual, automatic, on login, in real-time. Are there any settings related to synchronizing?
Data sync is done by the click of a button. See the Help topic Xero Integration.
Find out more >>
How do I disconnect from Xero?
After data is synchronized, you can disconnect by clicking a button.
How do I reconcile sales data synced to Xero?
You can compare daily Sales Order totals from an mSales App report with Invoices in Xero
After I run Customer and Product sync, how do I find which objects were synced?
When you run the sync jobs in mSales App, the number of records synchronized will be shown. You can get a complete list by searching the sync records and filtering by the day.
How do I get rid of products that we do not sell anymore
You can remove all their Pricing items on a Product to prevent it being sold
Should we pre-populate all customer information, as well as products into Xero first before integrating to mSales App?
You can synchronize Customer and Product details any number of times, only changes will be synchronized. However, the Price of Products will not be updated, as you can maintain Pricing in mSales App
Do you provide a Demo environment for your clients like Xero does?
We provide a shared Demo environment and you can also request a Trial environment exclusively for your business
Can we change an existing invoice in mSales App that has already synced to Xero?
We do not allow invoices to be changed in mSales App. However, you can create Credit Notes. Invoices and Credit Notes will be synchronized to Xero. Any changes done in Xero will be synchronized back to mSales App.
Are Invoices transferred as drafts?
Yes, Invoices need to be approved in Xero
Can we sync mSales App to multiple Xero accounts?
Yes, you can select the account to which Payments are posted
Find out more >>
What do I do if sync is not working from mSales App to Xero?
Our support team will assist you with any issues
How much does the mSales App Xero integration cost?
Xero integration is provided as part of the basic mSales App package
Find out more >>
How quickly can a custom XERO Integration be delivered?
Integrations described in Xero Integration page do not require any extra development. Custom integrations will need to be evaluated by one of our Development Partners.
Find out more >>

mSales App

What other systems are compatible with mSales App?
We currently provide integration with Xero without any development needed. Other integrations can be developed through our Development Partners.
What is the maximum number of Sales reps that can be added on mSales App?
There is not set limit on the number of reps. We can scale the infrastructure according to your requirement.
What OS does the mSales app run on?
mSales App server runs on the cloud and is fully managed by us. The Sales Rep mobile app runs on Android.
How long does it take to implement mSales App?
The usual mSales App turnaround time is 1 week. You can choose to implement the system on your own or get in touch with one of our implementation partners by clicking here.
Is the mSales App demo free?
The demo is free to access, and you can request a free trial at any time. Just click on the request demo button.
What industry is mSales App best for?
mSales App is used by customers in a wide array of industries including Food wholesale and distribution, Furniture and Confectionary
Is my company too small for sales automation?
mSales App is cost effective even for very small teams. The per-user license fee allows you to scale up your business in to the future with mSales App.