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Peercore, as an innovation leader in the Foodservice industry, is driven by a single mission: your business success. As finalists in the National Innovation Award 2023 by Foodservice Suppliers Association Australia (FSAA), we proudly introduce the mSalesApp Ecosystem – our award-nominated solution designed to transform your operations and amplify growth.

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mSalesApp Ecosystem: a comprehensive suite of sales and ordering management tools

The mSalesApp Ecosystem developed by Peercore is an innovative sales and ordering solution specifically designed for the food manufacturing and food distribution companies that service the Foodservice industry. This system empowers sales professionals (supplier’s) and their customers (foodservice businesses | end-users) with unique features and functionalities that helps collaborative and easy order processing and tracking.

The launch of mOrderApp within the mSalesApp Ecosystem marks a significant milestone, offering foodservice businesses a powerful solution that combines AI capabilities with a robust backend infrastructure. This solution streamlines and enhances the order-taking process, providing businesses with advanced tools to optimize their operations.

The Business Solution

The mSalesApp Ecosystem provides your business with a solution that is focused on increasing sales and orders of the foodservices businesses. This is enabled with 3 critical components that are carefully drafted keeping sales and order process activities in mind.

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